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Project Update - September 13, 2017

The Lakefront Committee met on September 7, 2017 and received a presentation from Woodhouse Tinucci Architects in conjunction with construction managers WB Olson regarding cost estimates for the various design concepts and options discussed to date. To see the slides presented at this meeting, along with the summary cost estimate information, please click here. In this slide show, no new design concepts or options were presented, and the slides were used to facilitate the cost estimate discussion only. If you wish to see the most recent slides where all design options and concepts were discussed, please click here to download them now.

The cost estimates presented were higher than the internal cost estimates being used for financial planning, and therefore the Lakefront Committee had to make many tough decisions regarding design options and concepts. Ultimately, the direction provided by the Committee was to focus on the beach house design known as "Building as Fence." Therefore, the concepts named "Building as Gateway" and "Building as Canopy" will not be developed further at this time. Also, the Committee determined that widening the entry road at Lake Avenue to accommodate three lanes of traffic, two inbound and one outbound, was not worth the extra cost, but have asked for the design team to propose an option to facilitate a dedicated bike lane. The option to either renovate or build a new maintenance building has been deferred as this was not a part of the original project scope and therefore will be considered in the future at some point. The option of adding bathrooms at the sailing beach has also been deferred due to it not being a part of the original scope, but the Committee has determined that while the parking lot is under construction, the necessary utilities should be installed to facilitate sailing beach bathrooms in the future. Other options are still under consideration and pending more information, including the size and functionality of the concession operation at the beach house.

The next Lakefront Committee Meeting will be in October. Please check the meeting schedule by clicking here.

For more information, please contact Executive Director Steve Wilson at 847-256-9617 or email connect@wilpark.org