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Project Update - February 12, 2018

The Board of Park Commissioners met on February 12, 2018 and received a presentation from Woodhouse Tinucci Architects. The presentation walked the board and public through the schematic design for the beach house and parking lot at Gillson Park. To see the slides presented at this meeting, please click here. If you wish to view the archived video of the meeting to hear the presentation and the board's discussion, please click here.

As noted, at the January 25, 2018 Lakefront Committee meeting, the Committee voted 3-0 to recommend the Board of Park Commissioners accept the schematic design at the February 12, 2018 board meeting. After hearing the presentation, the Board of Park Commissioners asked questions of the architects and staff, as well as voiced their opinions about the design. Ultimately, the board voted 7-0 to approve the schematic design. By way of this vote, the design team and staff will start the detailed design process to facilitate construction beginning after the 2018 swimming season in order to have the new beach house available for the 2019 swimming season.

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