October 31, 2018

Things are shaking up at the Center Fitness Club, and we don’t just mean in Zumba class! There’s a new Assistant Fitness Manager in the building, and he’s excited to bring with him new ideas and a fresh perspective.

Mark Underwood joined the Center Fitness Club as our new Assistant Manager. He holds degrees in Exercise Science and Wellness, Kinesiology and Sports Management, and spent the last 9 years as the Scott County Family Y’s Director of personal training, health and wellness. Originally from the small coastal town of Darien, Georgia, Underwood is excited to be living in the bustling suburbs of Chicago.

An avid football fan, Underwood spent 18 years playing the sport – 4 of which he served as a Linebacker in college and another 4 years in the minor league. His history as an athlete naturally developed into an interest in health and fitness.

His passion for exercise and wellness has guided him to the Wilmette Park District, where he can continue helping people achieve their personal fitness goals. “Some of my favorite memories are from working with clients and being a part of their fitness journey,” says Underwood. It’s an extremely rewarding field, because you get to assist people as they become healthier, grow stronger and feel better about themselves.

“I want visitors at the Center Fitness Club to gain a warm and welcoming experience,” says Underwood. Working alongside Fitness Manager, Frankie Sinfuego, the dynamic-duo has already set up a plan to improve the use of the fitness space as well as boost the marketing of programs and membership packages. “My goal while working for the Wilmette Park District, is to ensure further growth and success in the Center Fitness Club.”