December 3, 2019

After the Holiday Season, we could all use a boost to get back on track with our health and wellness. Mark your calendars and start planning your New Year’s Resolution early – the Center Fitness Club is holding their annual Lose to Win program at the beginning of 2020!

Commit to your goals and register for the program starting January 1 through 19. The program runs January 13 – March 8.

Lose to Win is now in its 6th year of challenging participants and assisting them on their fitness journey. The program hosts an average of 54 participants each year, and has a very strong success rate according to CFC Manager Frankie Sinfuego. “A vast majority of our participants have seen improvements in their overall health, whether it is weight loss, or improvement in strength, endurance, or exercise technique.” Participants work towards their personalized fitness goals in teams and compete to win cash prizes. Teams receive a team trainer, Platinum Membership access to the gym for the duration of the program, welcome swag and exclusive training and membership promotions.

The program works because it relies on a participant’s own commitment. The team is relying on each person to hold themselves accountable and do the work. “From what we’ve seen running the program, being part of a group with similar goals helps participants stay motivated to keep going and finish the program,” says Frankie. Participants also receive excellent support from their trainers. Trainers are invested in seeing each of their participants succeed and create a strong team environment. It is also very common to see members from each team stay connected well after the program. “I think having a strong network of other participants and staff is what sets our competition apart from others,” explains Frankie.

To learn more or register, visit the CFC front desk or contact Frankie at