NEW In-Trinity Board Training!

IN-TRINITY is an elevated fitness board training program that builds strength, balance, flexibility and coordination. The program takes the workout off the floor, providing access to new movements and redefining the training environment.

In-trinity boards have been added to the Center Fitness Club's repertoire. Inspired and designed by fitness visionary Johnny G., the creator of Spinning indoor cycling, In-Trinity combines yoga, Pilates, martial arts and stretching to improve strength, balance and flexibility - all atop an elevated board.

In-Trinity boards are designed with a moderate incline to train the body through additional balance, positioning and flexibility challenges. Straps can be used for stability as well as advancing the level of exercises, and the hourglass shape of the board contours to the body for sitting exercises.

The Center Fitness Club is offering half-hour small group orientations on Mondays at 10 a.m. and Saturdays at 8 A.M. in September to familiarize members with the format, prior to offering small group and personal training sessions. In the orientation, members will be guided through a series of poses, strength exercises and stretches in a quiet and relaxing environment. Basic movements, terminology and safety will be instructed, allowing participants the opportunity to "test-drive" the format and determine what works for them. For more information, call the Center Fitness Club front desk at 847/920-3900.

As the only club in the North Shore to offer this fresh, new fitness format, the Center Fitness Club is excited to see the program develop as interest grows.

Check Out These Membership Options

NEW Six Month Membership

The six month membership must run for six consecutive months. There is no initiation fee. The membership does NOT include personal training orientation, group exercise classes or guest passes.

Platinum Access Membership

A full Center Fitness Club Membership PLUS unlimited Group Fitness Classes. It's your CFC membership, all classed up! Group Fitness, whichever, whenever. Ask our Front Desk Staff for details.

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