Benefits of Permanent Court Time

  • It's guaranteed. Permanent Court time gives you a regular time to play. The court is yours--no phone call needed to see if a court might be available.
  • It's convenient. You select your day and time. Plan ahead for the entire indoor season.
  • It's your group. Invite your own group of players to join you for the season.
  • It's flexible. If your schedule changes you may put your court time up for sale. If sold, you'll be credited the court fee.
  • It's social. You may invite guests or other members to play with your group. Reasonable guest fees apply.

How to Purchase Permanent Court Time

Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Organize your group for the fall.

Step 2: Complete the Court Time Application and Membership Application by SUNDAY, APRIL 15.

There are two ways to enter:

  • A principal signer and a co-signer may enter together. Both parties agree to be financially responsible for the court fees. The principal will receive two bills (the first in July and the second in December)
  • Enter the lottery as a "single" principal without a co-signer, eliminating the need to have a co-signer. The entire court fee for the year will be due at the court selection.

Step 3: Lottery numbers will be assigned randomly. Postcards will be mailed with your assigned time for court selection. Principal signers will be contacted with their assignedtime for permanent court time selection on SATURDAY, APRIL 28.

Step 4: Attend the Permanent Court Time selection at your assigned time. Select the perfect court for your group. Pay the $50 deposit to hold the court unless you are entering the lottery as a single, in which case you will pay for the entire season of court time.

Lottery Policies

  • Members may enter the lottery one time.
  • Applicants with a past due account will not be allowed to enter the lottery.
  • Spouses not intending to play together should not submit an application together. Submit an application with the person with whom you will be playing.
  • You may receive a credit for unused court time. You may put your court time up for sale and every effort will be made to sell it. If the court time is sold, a credit will be issued to the principal signer.

Lottery numbers will be assigned in the following order:

  • Resident Category: Residents who sign up with another resident or a resident signed up as a single. Residents who did not enter the lottery will be permitted to select a court before non-residents.
  • Non-resident Category: Residents who sign up with a non-resident; non-residents who sign up with another non-resident and non-residents who sign up as a single.