Winter 2019

As the last rust-colored leaves fall from the trees, we turn our attention to the cooling temperatures and the peaceful snow to come. We have had a wonderful year so far with our many fun-filled programs and exciting events. Whether it was a spectacular afternoon at the Worldwide Day of Play, an eye-pop-ping night of fun at Mother-Son Night, the fist-bumping team victories on the soccer fields, or the spine-tingling thrills of Halloween Happening, we could not be prouder of all of the activities and fun we have hosted.

In addition to the enjoyment we have had so far this year, we have been busy behind the scenes working hard on demolishing and rebuilding the Gillson Beach beach house! Construction began September 19, and will continue through the spring. When all is said and done, we will have a parking lot that does not flood with better traffic flow and a beach house with clean bathrooms and new concession stand offerings. Check out what is happening and our progress via our live video stream at: This project should be complete by summer 2019, and when it is finished everyone will be able to enjoy a beautiful serene space.

As we look to the holiday season, please take some time and join us for a memory making event, such as Breakfast with Santa, the Nutcracker production, Skate with Santa, or a Gingerbread House workshop. Everyone will walk away with a special holiday recollection and a renewed sense of the holiday spirit. Then start 2019 on the right foot with a Winter Break Camp experience, morning cross-country skiing on the Wilmette Golf Course, or a fun afternoon ice skating on one of our outdoor rinks. Be sure to check out our website: to see when the temperatures are cold enough and the conditions are favorable for these to get up and running!

We hope you have had good times with us this year, and we look forward to being part of many more memories for you and your families. Look through our Explore! Guide and see what activities interest you! The Board of Park Commissioners is dedicated to serving our community, and we welcome your feedback on any concerns you may have regarding the operations of the Park District. Please feel free to contact me at

- Amy L Wolfe
Board of Park Commissioners