Tennis Instruction Update:

When Winter 2021 program registration begins, we will not be using a lottery system for the Basic Level classes, as we have in the past. Individuals will register at the same day/time as the rest of the Park District for Winter classes.

Students enrolling in the following programs must register directly with Carrie Kolles at

  • Junior Excellence
  • High School Excellence
  • Adult Drill
  • Pro Am

To create a special group class (4 students), please contact

Note: Face coverings are mandatory for all students and instructors, including during play. Student drop-off and pick-up is curbside. We do not offer make-up sessions at this time.

New to Tennis? It's Easy to Get Started!

First step: Determine your playing level using the Tennis Skill Guide below.

The following are guidelines to help determine your level of tennis ability when registering for tennis instruction. Unsure of your level? Call Carrie Kolles for a tryout at 847/853-6296.



  • Tiny Hitters - Age 4 - Intro to tennis, racquet skills, ball tracking and footwork.
  • Little Hitters I - Age 5-6 - Intro to tennis, racquet skills, ball tracking and footwork.
  • Little Hitters II - Age 5-6 - Promoted from Little Hitters I. Beginning grip, preparation and ball receiving.
  • Novice - Age 7-9 - Grip, preparation and ball receiving.
  • Beginner - Age 7-10 - Swing shape, rallying and serving.
  • Intermediate I - Age 9-11 - Linking hitting with movement, player-to-player rallies, point play.
  • Intermediate II - Age 10-12 - Promoted from Intermediate I. Volleys, increased point play, introduction to doubles.
  • Intermediate III - Age 10-12 - Promoted from Intermediate II. Proficient in all strokes with emphasis on targeting & point play.


  • Junior Excellence I - Age 11-14 - 1 hour class. Modern ball striking, spins, point construction.
  • Junior Excellence II - Age 11-14 - 1.5 hour class. Promoted from Excellence I. Play-based situations, competitive play.
  • Junior Excellence III - Age 11-14 - 1.5 hour class. Promoted from Excellence II. Training for competitive tennis.
  • High School Excellence - Age 14-18 - For high school students preparing for team competition at his/her school.


ADULT BASIC LEVEL (age 18 and up)

  • Skill Builder - Getting players started or restarted in tennis. Focusing on fundamentals in a social, active environment.
  • Intermediate I - Continuing stroke development, particularly around volleys with emphasis on doubles play.
  • Intermediate II - Developing additional consistency with previously developed strokes, and focus on court positioning.
  • Intermediate III - Rallying and strategy in a play-based group setting. Applying stroke production to tactics.
ADULT DRILL LEVEL (age 18 and up)

Men's, Women's & Co-ed - Advanced-level players working on competitive improvement through patterning, strategy, strokes & spin.
Contact Carrie Kolles, racquet sports supervisor at 847/853-6296 or for more help.