Available through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

I. Ordinances
A. Financial Ordinances
1. Tax Levy
2. Budget & Appropriations
3. Abatement
4. Bond
B. Conduct Ordinance
C. Other General Information

II. Resolutions
A. Financial
B. Other
1. Illinois Identity Protection Policy

III. Board Minutes - including recordings of selected meetings

IV. Board Meeting Packets - Including Agenda

V. Board & Committee Meeting Notices

VI. Committee Meeting Packets & Minutes

VII. Director's Reports (including references to available staff reports)

VIII. Contracts
A. Leases (as lessee)
B. Leases (as lessor)
C. Licenses (as licensor)
D. Maintenance/Service Contracts
E. Intergovernmental Agreements
F. Real Estate Contracts
G. Employment Contracts
H. Other

IX. Financial Records
A. Annual Audit Reports
B. Annual Treasurer's Reports
C. Voucher Lists
D. Receipt and Disbursement Ledgers
E. Bills (Filed by Vendor)
F. Tax Statements
G. Other

X. Correspondence

XI. Memoranda
A. Legal Counsel
B. Staff (Included in Board Packet)
C. Other (Filed by subject matter)

XII. Asset Records
A. Property Records - Annexation, Dedication, Vacation, Easement, Deeds, Land Acquisition, Appraisal, and Assessed Valuation
B. Fixed Asset Inventory
C. Asset Purchase Records
D. Asset Maintenance Records
E. Maps, Aerial Photographs, Surveys
F. Exempt Property Affidavits
G. Tax Divisions
H. Applications for Exemption
I. Other

XIII. Planning Documents
A. Lakefront Plan
B. Master Plan
C. Capital Replacement Plan
D. Other

XIV. Capital Projects Documents
A. Bid Packages
B. Plans & Specifications
C. Bid Proposals (After Contract Award)
D. Bid Recommendations
E. Contracts
1. Architect
2. Contractor
3. Engineer
4. Payment Applications & Supporting Documentation
5. Surety Bonds
F. Other

XV. Payroll Records
A. Lists, names, salaries, titles, dates of employment, personnel records, and evaluations
B. Criminal Background Checks
C. In-Service Safety Training Records
D.. Other

XVI: Accounting Records
A. Cancelled Checks, Bank Statements, Deposit Slips, Cash Receipts
B. Other

XVII. Board Policy Manual

XVIII. Grants
A. Applications
B. Agreements
C. Reports
D. Other

XIX. Reports
A. Facility Inspection Reports
B. Accident Reports
C. Risk Management Reports
D. Engineering Reports
E. Grant Reports
F. Class/Program Registrations
G. In-Service Safety Training Records
H. Other

XX. Election Information
A. Abstract of Votes
B. Certification of Results
C. Referenda Materials
D. Candidate Packets
E. Appointment of Vacancies
F. Oath of Office
G. Nominating Petitions
H. Other

XXI. Insurance Documents
A. Policies
B. Certificates of Insurance
C. Other

XXII. Completed Litigation