March 3, 2021

The Wilmette Lakefront has some fresh faces on their crew, and we’re thrilled to introduce our new Lakefront General Manager, Ben Wozney. You may know Ben from his 26 years spent as a Firefighter Paramedic with the Wilmette Fire Department. After 3 years as the Fire Chief, Ben retired from the service and began his next chapter as a member of the Wilmette Park District family! 

Wilmette Fire has a strong history with the park district and has been involved with many of our programs and events such as the July celebrations and our 5K races. Ben has an equally intertwined history between Wilmette Fire and the Wilmette Park District. Back in his high school and college years, he worked as a lifeguard at Gillson Beach. “It was as a lifeguard at Gillson that I met some Wilmette Firefighters who encouraged me to apply as a firefighter,” explained Ben.

“I always gravitated to the lakefront and the water,” said Ben. “When the Lakefront General Manager position opened up, I knew it could be a great fit!” Ben is excited to experience his first summer season with the park district, and he is already brainstorming ways to expand programming and recreation opportunities in the park throughout the year.

When Ben isn’t down at the Lakefront, he enjoys spending time with his family whether it’s in the backyard or on top of a roller coaster at Six Flags Great America. We are grateful to have Ben join the team, and he is equally happy to serve the Wilmette community.