March 16, 2021

The Wilmette Park District is pleased to begin a new park renovation project, focusing on Maple Park at 398 Maple Avenue in Wilmette. The existing playground is made from wood, and due to its age and exposure to the elements, much of the play equipment needs significant repair or replacement. It is our goal to spend the next few months gathering public feedback on the park and use of the playground, organizing plans and solutions for public needs, and ultimately replacing the play equipment at Maple Park this fall.

We are kicking off the public input process in April with our On-Site Public Meeting. On April 7 at 6 P.M., Wilmette Park District Executive Director Steve Wilson and Superintendent of Parks and Planning Kristi Solberg will be joined by hired Landscape Architects, Michelle Kelly and Maria Blood from Upland Design, to meet with the public and collect input on the park. Anyone with interest in Maple Park and the project are encouraged to register and attend the meeting. Registration is required to attend.

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We are requiring registration because of COVID-19 guidelines, restricting participation to a maximum of 100 people. Attendees must bring a face mask and practice social distancing. We ask that anyone exhibiting signs or symptoms of being ill, please not attend the meeting and reach out to us via email to provide feedback.

Anyone who cannot attend the meeting, or is not feeling well can submit their feedback to