April 26, 2022


We’re Planting Trees!

On Saturday, April 16 our Parks and Planning staff planted 19 trees within Gillson, Centennial, Hibbard and Howard Parks! And, we’re working with the Village of Wilmette to add four trees to the parkway around Centennial Park this spring.

Look for more trees around our parks, thanks to a collaboration between our staff and the Village of Wilmette, who will be developing a long-term tree plan for the parkways around our parks and facilities this year.

Heads Up: Tree Maintenance Work in Coming Weeks
You may notice crews in our parks in the next few weeks, trimming branches. This is part of routine maintenance to help our trees thrive. Sadly, a hazardous cottonwood tree in Gillson Park must come down this week. It breaks our hearts when we must remove a mature tree. However, after consulting with two arborists, it was agreed this tree has reached the end of its life cycle and is so rotted that it poses a hazard, so it must come down.