Date: April 18, 2011

Location: Park District Conference Room

Time: 6:30 p.m.

Attendance: Commissioners:  Brault; Crowley
Staff: Lambrecht; Bingham; Specht; Wilson; Bowen; Eppelheimer; Groves
Visitors: Gary Benz
Topics for Discussion:

1) Meeting Called to Order
2) Approval of Minutes
3) Communications and Correspondence
4) Recognition of Visitors
5) Manager’s Reports
6) Revenue Streams
7) Old Business
8) New Business
A) Proposed Extra Concert in Wallace Bowl
9) Adjourn

Discussions/Decisions Made:

1) The Committee reviewed the minutes of March 21, 2011. Commissioner Brault asked that the discussion regarding the beer tent for Independence Day be expanded. He asked that the revenue and expenses information be shown to explain why the Committee rejected the idea.

2) Under Communications and Correspondence:
•  The Committee reviewed an e-mail from Brenda Werth regarding summer rentals at Lakeview Center. Staff explained that rentals during the summer have traditionally not happened. One reason is that there could be conflict between Wallace Bowl performances and parking. Another reason is that at the end of the day, the camps heavily use the building and it would have to be cleaned before an evening rental. The last issue is park access since the park closes to traffic at 9 pm and the police aggressively enforce the rules during the summer to stem problems. After some discussion, the Committee asked staff to research the topic further to determine if there was any way to do the rentals with possibly higher fees to cover the extra costs.
•  The Committee reviewed a permit application from the First Presbyterian Church of Wilmette to hold a morning service in Wallace Bowl on September 11, 2011. After some discussion the Committee agreed to approve the permit.
•  The Committee reviewed a permit application from Highcrest Middle School to hold their year-end picnic at Gillson Park on June 9, 2011. Staff stated that this has been a long-standing tradition. The Committee agreed to approve the permit.
•  The Committee reviewed a permit request from Erin Yokoyama to hold a wedding in Wallace Bowl on October 8, 2011. After some discussion, the Committee agreed to approve the permit. The Committee asked staff to evaluate offering “package” deals for having a wedding in a park location with the reception in an adjoining building such as Wallace Bowl or Lakeview Center as well as the Mallinckrodt gazebo and the Mallinckrodt Community Center.
•  The Committee reviewed a permit request from the American Cancer Society to hold their “Walk and Roll” event on May 15, 2011. After some discussion, the Committee agreed to approve the permit.

3) Under Manager’s Reports, Lakefront Manager Holly Specht reported the Safety Patrol boat has been put in the harbor for the coming season. Staff has been reviewing all of the changes that Ellis Lifeguard Service is requiring for the coming year. Staff will now need to do a bottom search of the swimming beach everyday including looking for holes or underwater hazards. Staff has purchased some new equipment to perform this function and may have to purchase more. The Committee asked if there was any way the Park District could avoid doing this. Staff replied that a variance may be possible. The Committee also asked if the Park District is required to follow the recommendations of Ellis. Staff responded the Park District is required to subscribe to some type of lifeguarding service and that not all services have programs for open water. Lakefront staff has taken on all of the training programs for Ellis for this year so it would be costly to change at this point. Building Services staff has installed a new roof on the Sailing Beach Office. Bookings in Lakeview Center are very good for April and May. Sailing lesson registrations are up 29 participants from last year with this year’s enrollment currently standing at 87.

 Jeff Groves reported soccer began this past weekend on a cold and wet day. There are currently 1,553 participants in the program which is up by 53 from last fall. This year raincoats were purchased for staff at the site so they can be easily identified. Participation in Lacrosse continues to increase. Staff is working on publicizing football for the coming fall and yard signs will be made available to program coaches. Staff has plenty of coaches and they will all be listed on the Eagles Football website. The Ballet recital will be held Saturday, May 21 and a total of 490 costumes were purchased for the shows. Staff continues interviewing for summer camp jobs. The Village of Wilmette has begun a repaving project on Glenview Road. It will have minimal impact on the Community Recreation Center but there will be times when traffic in our parking lot may be rerouted. The project is scheduled to be completed before summer camps begin.

4) Executive Director Wilson reported that the Administrative staff has met with facility managers and explained the concept of the incentive program with increased revenue streams. The next step will be to expand the list of participants and discuss cost saving ideas. One of the topics that came up during the initial discussions was if ideas could be added throughout the year or if they would only be approved at the beginning of the fiscal year. The Committee members agreed that ideas should be allowed to be added throughout the year. Staff has been using the addition of the old Curves participants and the establishment of a circuit training program as a model they have been using. The Committee agreed that it is a good example but that it is important to track revenues and expenses that are associated with the idea being pursued.The Committee also suggested that staff closely monitor how the program is working since it may be a model that could be explained in a magazine article or at a state or national conference.
5) Under Old Business, staff reported they have selected the beach umbrellas and chairs that will be available for renting. After some discussion, the Committee suggested that staff look for a better type of umbrella. After some discussion the Committee agreed that the program of renting the chairs would be evaluated at the end of the year. The hope is to have equipment that will last one year. The Committee also asked that staff have the chairs cleaned between uses.

6) Under New Business, the Committee discussed the concept of having an additional concert in Wallace Bowl this season that would feature bands made up of local adults. Staff stated they often receive requests to allow local groups to perform in the Bowl but more often they are junior high or high school age groups. After some discussion, the Committee agreed to recommend to the Park Board allowing the concert to be held on August 27 in the Wallace Bowl and featuring two local bands, the T-birds and Hoopla.

Staff asked that since the cost of the Lakeview Center roof came in so far under budget, some funds could be re-appropriated to replace the front doors at Lakeview. After discussion, the Committee suggested the request be presented to the Financial Planning Committee at their next meeting.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:27 p.m.

Minutes taken by Bill Lambrecht