For details, check our Bulletin Board post, below.


For details, check our Bulletin Board post, below.


New Registration Technology, How it Works and Upcoming Registrations

2/20/24 – New Registration Technology, How it Works and Upcoming Registrations

Cloud Migration Complete!

We’re thrilled to report we’ve successfully migrated all registration, membership and program information to the cloud. You can access this information on our Flipbook, website or through the Registration Portal.

Now that our new technology is up and running, let’s discuss what it means for you on registration morning.

What to Expect During Online Registration

When you first log in to your Household Account in the Registration Portal, you will need to manually enter your username and password. The Portal URL has changed and will not recognize saved passwords from the old URL. You can expect the same look, feel, navigation and operation of our Registration Portal, with one special exception…to help manage high-volume registration events our Portal opens a Virtual Lobby.

The experience will be similar to the Virtual Lobby when purchasing high-demand concert or sporting event tickets. The Lobby will open a minimum of 10 minutes before registration starts and patrons will be placed in a queue for quicker and more efficient registration. For detailed information about entering the Lobby, getting your assigned number, and how the technology works, download our Virtual Lobby Q&A.

It Moves Fast. We anticipate the Virtual Lobby to be active only for a brief period at the very beginning of registration while traffic is at its peak. Patrons waiting in the Lobby can expect access to registration following minimal wait time, making online registration your best opportunity for quick access to the camps you want.

Pro Tip: We strongly suggest that once you receive access to the Portal, start by adding your highest-priority camp to your cart first to reserve a seat during your active session, then place other camps and add-ons to your cart prior to completing your purchase.

In-Person Registration Assistance

With the anticipated expediency of online registration, we strongly encourage you to register online if possible. Limited in-person assistance will be available at the following locations:

  • Community Recreation Center (CRC), 3000 Glenview Rd.
  • Centennial Recreation Complex, 2300 Old Glenview Rd.

Patrons in need of in-person assistance will be asked to wait in line until a Customer Service Attendant is available to assist. To help our team work quickly to serve you, they’ll need three key details:

  • Child’s name
  • Camp name
  • 8-digit program number

Note: If you begin registration online, you must complete your purchase online or risk losing your spot in the programs in your cart. If you started registration on a mobile device while standing in line at the CRC or Centennial, staff will help you complete your online registration.

Summer Camp Reminders

Please familiarize yourself with the above details so that you can take full advantage of our new technology and have a smooth registration experience. If you have questions, please call us at 847-256-6100, or email your questions to prior to registration day. In addition, please take a moment to check the tasks below ahead of time, so that your Household and login are ready to go on Saturday:

  • Have I logged in to ensure I have my correct username and password?
  • Have I set up or reviewed my Household Account for overall accuracy?
  • Have I ensured children’s birthdays are correct in my Household Account?
  • Are you a non-resident with a child who attends a Wilmette Public School? If so, make sure this is reflected in your Household Account

The rescheduled dates for 2024 Summer Camp registration are nearly here:

  • Resident registration opens at 9 am on Saturday, February 24
  • Non-resident registration opens at 9 am on Saturday, March 2

For religious accommodations, please contact us at 847-256-6100.

Reminder for Spring+Summer Seasonal Programs

We know Summer Camp registration is top of everyone’s mind. Here’s your reminder to mark these important dates for spring and summer programs!

  • Explore Online posts on Tuesday, February 27 with both spring AND summer programs
  • Resident registration opens at 10 am on Tuesday, March 12
  • Non-resident registration opens at 10 am on Tuesday, March 19

Note: We are following our original Tuesday schedule for Spring+Summer registration. In the last few weeks, we’ve heard from many patrons expressing a desire to adjust the day and time of program registrations. We are reevaluating our process and considering changes. Thanks for your continued support.

Scroll screenshots of the Virtual Lobby below to familiarize yourself with the Lobby view.

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