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Freestyle Ice Information

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Freestyle Practice Sessions

Fall, Winter & Spring 2022-2023

30-Minute Sessions (8/22-6/10)Monday-Friday6-11:45 am, 1:40-5 pm
 Saturday6:30-7:30 am

*No Freestyle sessions on 11/24-26, 12/25, 1/1 or 5/29.

*Freestyle schedule is subject to change during Ice Show week in May 2023.

* May 9-12: note that practice ice will be partial ice, due to our Ice Show curtain.

* NO PRACTICE ICE ON Monday May 8: after 9:30 am; Saturday May 13: 6:30-7:30 am; Monday, May 15: 6:30 am to 4 pm. 

Freestyle Skate Details

Low/High Ice Available:

  • Fees: $6 for 30-minute session
  • 25 skater maximum
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Freestyle & Public Skate Guidelines

Rules of Conduct

Freestyle Guidelines

Fall, Winter & Spring freestyle ice will be low/high with the following permissions:

  • Students in Pre-Free Skate and above may practice independently
  • Students in Basic 6 or lower must be in a scheduled lesson with a coach on staff.

NOTE: Summer freestyle sessions will allow skaters in Basic 4 and above on a session if in a lesson.

    • This is subject to changes if freestyle sessions are at capacity and adjustments are needed
    • Coach/guardian is responsible for making sure student exits the ice after their lesson.
  • Private lessons given during freestyle sessions must be no more than two students
  • Student instruction cannot include leading synchronous warm-up or across ice drills for multiple students. Coaches infracting this policy may be asked to leave the ice session.
  • All coaches must submit a valid COI with Wilmette Park District listed as additionally insured, prior to coaching on freestyle or public skate ice
    • Printed copy can be turned in at the front desk
  • The house sound system will be available.
  • The jump harness will be available for use by a skating instructor, coaches must limit time on harness when other coaches are waiting for its use.
  • All skaters must check in at the office upon arrival at the rink.
  • Skaters and coaches may put their skates on in the lobby.
  • Spectators are permitted.
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