REGISTRATION SITE OFFLINE 2/14-2/15: For details, check our Bulletin Board post, below


REGISTRATION SITE OFFLINE 2/14-2/15: For details, check our Bulletin Board post, below


Welcome, Paulette Villagran

10/31/23 – Staff Highlight: Welcome Paulette Villagran

Wilmette Park District welcomes our new Human Resources staff member, Paulette Villagran! We sat down with Paulette to talk about human resources, park district programming, and work-life balance.

Q: We’re excited you’ve joined the Wilmette Park District, Paulette. What drew you here?

A: Thanks, I’m happy to be here. I was drawn to the Wilmette Park District because of the mission, values and commitment to the community. In addition, I’ll be able to contribute to the HR and Risk Management team in a role that directly supports safety, training and risk management initiatives. This role perfectly aligns my professional and personal goals and values.

Q: What will your role entail at the Park District?

A: As the Human Resources & Risk Management Specialist, I’ll focus on safety, training, risk management and compliance issues. That means I’m responsible for ensuring our workforce is equipped with the knowledge and resources they need to perform their roles effectively and safely, all while adhering to the necessary regulations and standards.

My primary aim is to provide support to our employees, ensuring a safe and efficient work environment that allows everyone to thrive. I’m looking forward to collaborating with my colleagues and contributing to our Park District’s success!

Q: Have you worked in the parks and recreation area before or do you have a personal connection with the field?

A: I’ve not worked in the parks and rec. field before but growing up I did participate in park district programming. I fondly remember my childhood days spent at the Chicago Park District – specifically Wildwood Park – where I was a cheerleader for several years. Witnessing first-hand the positive influence the park district had on our community left an indelible mark on me, and it’s this connection and appreciation that inspired me to join the Wilmette Park District.

Q: Finally, what are your hobbies or interests outside of work?

A: I enjoy a variety of hobbies that help maintain a healthy work-life balance. This includes Pilates and yoga, reading, traveling and most importantly, cherishing quality time with my family and friends. Oh! And I love supporting small businesses – especially local coffee shops where you can foster a sense of community while enjoying a great cup of coffee.

Welcome to Paulette! If you see her out and about, please introduce yourself and say hello!

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