REGISTRATION SITE OFFLINE 2/14-2/15: For details, check our Bulletin Board post, below


REGISTRATION SITE OFFLINE 2/14-2/15: For details, check our Bulletin Board post, below

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Bunny Brunch & Egg Hunts

Icon ionic-ios-time 9:00 am
location Mallinckrodt Center

Bunny Brunch at Mallinckrodt

  • March 30 – choose from two seatings:
    • 9-10 am
    • 11 am-Noon
  • R-$22 / NR-$27
Don’t miss out on the chance to have brunch with the Easter Bunny at the Mallinckrodt Center before (or after) the Easter Egg Hunt! While enjoying a delicious breakfast and refreshments with your family, you can also take memorable photos with the Easter Bunny. Remember to register beforehand in order to secure your spot for this delightful experience.

Children’s Egg Hunt

  • March 30 from 10 am – don’t be late!
    Register for your specific age group:

    • Age 1-2
    • Age 3-4
    • Age 5-7
    • Age 8-10
  • R-$10 / NR-$13
Join us for our annual Easter Egg hunt at Mallinckrodt! Bring a basket or bag to collect colorful eggs filled with candy and toys! Eggs are dispersed across specified grassy sections and children will participate in their age group: 1-2, 3-4, 5-7, 8-10 years old. Only parents/guardians of the 1-2 age group are permitted on the field. Hop on over to the Gazebo where you can visit the Bunny and take your photo before or after the event!

Doggie Egg Hunt

  • March 30 from 10:45 am – don’t be late!
    Register by size group:

    • Small Dogs (under 25 pounds)
    • Medium & Large Dogs (over 25 pounds)
  • R-$10 / NR-$13

Your dog will help sniff out eggs that are filled with treats! One handler per dog who must be 18 years of age or older. All dogs must remain on-leash for the entire event and be at least 4 months old to participate and wearing current rabies tags. Both hunts will take place at the same time on different fields. After the event make sure to grab a picture with the Easter Bunny! Please bring your own bag or basket. Fee is per dog. ** Please note, this hunt is specifically for dogs. Handlers may guide dogs to eggs, but must not hunt for eggs on their own.

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Preregistration required!

Pre-registration is required for all events, on-site registration will not be available.

Weather Uncertain?

Egg Hunts may be cancelled due to inclement weather. Check the rainout line or subscribe for updates.

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