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REGISTRATION SITE OFFLINE 2/14-2/15: For details, check our Bulletin Board post, below


Nuts & Bolts: August 2023

Nuts & Bolts: August 2023 

There’s a full schedule of essential work completed each day across our Wilmette Park District parks and facilities. Between maintenance, seasonal upkeep and general improvements, you may not catch all the exciting things – big and small – that our crews are responsible for. Nuts & Bolts is here to help you brush up on the behind-the-scenes activity around the District.

Parks & Planning Updates:

Here’s your latest update on the big Platform Tennis Club project: framing on the new Paddle Hut began the week of July 31, and it’s coming together nicely! The larger space is more welcoming for visitors and will provide a bit more room to relax and socialize after a nice round of paddle. In addition, pier work has begun for installation of the two new courts, and mechanical, electrical and plumbing work started the week of August 7. All-in-all the project is moving along, and we anticipate a completion date by the start of the 2023-2024 league season.

In other news, you may have noticed a temporary adjustment to the entrance/exit location of Centennial Recreation Complex. Our Parks and Planning team was busy pouring new concrete and installing two sets of automatic sliding doors at the main entrance. Patrons continued to enjoy all services and activities at Centennial and could access the facility from either the studio ice rink or our multi-purpose room two. Come visit Centennial starting late August, and we’ll welcome you with (automatic) open doors!

Our pickleball enthusiasts can’t get enough, and the community keeps growing! To keep up with demand, we are lining the Community Playfields tennis courts during their regularly scheduled resurfacing, which started August 7. Expect a fresh, new surface for your favorite racquet sports – either tennis or pickleball. Stay tuned for the completion announcement and pack up your pickle gear!

Our Parks and Planning crew was fortunate to grow in 2022, adding several new positions to support the Park District. A bigger team calls for more vehicles, but a car shortage in 2022 required a little patience. Last month it all paid off and the team took delivery of a sturdy F-250 truck which will be used throughout the District, transporting crews and materials and generally getting the job done!

Field Permits:

Fall is nearly upon us, but a lack of grass growth at Thornwood Park has delayed the fields’ availability for the fall sports season. As a result, our Parks and Planning Maintenance Supervisor is doing a little magic behind the scenes arranging field permits and schedules to ensure all groups have access to our outdoor spaces.

Parks Staff:

July was a rather stormy month, if you recall, and our Parks crews had their work cut out for them with multiple rounds of storm damage and cleanup. Between fallen trees, flooding, a fence repair at Langdon Park and broken stone steps at Gillson Park, it’s a wonder they kept on target with designing and planting some colorful groundcover east of the Lakeview Center. These pretty little plantings were strategically selected for the location’s conditions, which is mostly in shadow. Our team put together a colorful arrangement of different shade-tolerant plants.

Building Staff:

The Gillson Beach House received its own little upgrade last month. Building crews replaced the flooring in the outdoor showers to streamline the monthly cleaning of the catch basin. Previously constructed of many individual boards, crews would need to spend extra time unscrewing each board – all those bits of hardware rack up a lot of time. The crews designed and installed a superior system that connects the boards together to form a pallet that simply lifts up and away to access the catch basin. This solution makes for a more efficient cleaning process in time, energy and wear-and-tear on the materials.

You asked for it and we were happy to oblige! Maple Park Playground has received brand new toddler play equipment, and the reviews are in – the little ones love it! The space includes a slide, a market structure with climb and play panels, and new sand features. Maple Park has a little something for everyone to enjoy.

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