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REGISTRATION SITE OFFLINE 2/14-2/15: For details, check our Bulletin Board post, below


Nuts & Bolts: May 2023

NB-May23 Paddle Project

Nuts & Bolts: May 2023 

There’s a full schedule of essential work completed each day across our Wilmette Park District parks and facilities. Between maintenance, seasonal upkeep and general improvements, you may not catch all the exciting things – big and small – that our crews are responsible for. Nuts & Bolts is here to help you brush up on the behind-the-scenes activity around the District.

Parks & Planning Updates:

Work is under way for the Paddle Court Expansion Project! While the building permit is out for approval with the Village of Wilmette, crews have been making good progress with the infrastructure. Most of the sewer work was completed on Friday, April 28 (hip-hip-hooray!), and watermain work began Monday, May 1.

Gas and water to the Paddle Hut has been shut off for the duration of construction, and the building is closed. Don’t let the expansion project put you off your game – paddle players can access their courts from the north sidewalk, and porta potties are available on-site.

Warm summer days are calling, and freshly coated outdoor tennis courts are waiting for you at Thornwood Park. Crews finished color coating the courts in April, and they are ready for action. Residents can reserve a court online – learn more here.

Nothing says summer like a day at the pool, and our crews are working hard to get Centennial Pools up and running for you! The filter media was changed out the week of May 1 to keep the water crystal clear and clean for the upcoming season. This process must be completed every 8 to 10 years.

The Parks and Planning fleet welcomed three new members last month! A nice new tow-behind aerator will be working hard around our parks to loosen soil and permit seed, organic fertilizer and water to reach roots. A trailer with a winch will be a useful tool for loading and transporting heavy equipment and materials all over the District. Finally, one more addition to the green equipment list: a ride-on EV mower was received and will be scooting around our parks this summer, keeping the grounds groomed while being environmentally friendly!

Parks Staff Updates:

Prepping for summertime is no small feat! The parks crew was all over last month, making repairs, improvements and completing general maintenance for the busiest season in our outdoor spaces. When it comes to the tallest of our ancient trees, pruning requires the assistance of a specialist just to reach the top! Last month our crew worked with a contractor to prune some of the giants in Gillson Park.

The split rail fence was replaced at Lockerbie Park, while over at Community Playfields, the irrigation box received some plantings that will grow into the landscaping and beautify the space.

Crews began mowing last month to keep up on the springtime growth as we head towards summer.

As the old saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers,” and the parks crew planted some cheerful colors in the large pots outside both the Community Recreation Center and Mallinckrodt.

Our water fountains have been turned on for the season. Spending time outside? Stay hydrated as you enjoy the fresh air in our beautiful parks!

Building Staff Updates:

Summer isn’t just a busy time for our outdoor spaces – our building crew spent last month readying several of our more seasonal facilities. Security cameras were installed around both Gillson Park and Centennial Pools to make sure everyone is giving these amenities the love and respect they deserve.

A banner stand was installed at the beach parking lot to help spread the word about all sorts of exciting things you won’t want to miss.

April was the month of pressure washing! Gillson Beach House, Centennial Pools and Wilmette Golf Club’s clubhouse each received a thorough cleaning as crews pressure washed and cleared the cobwebs in preparation for a full and active summer.

While our carpenters were busy constructing SUP racks and a stand for the swimming beach, the Lakeview Center internet was hooked up to the building. Stay tuned for more updates as the facility renovation nears completion!

Over at Centennial Pools, add another check for our sustainability progress – LED lights were installed in the locker rooms and guard office. An AED cabinet was installed, and boiler/HVAC repairs were completed last month. Crews also set up new umbrellas to give pool patrons a cool break from the sun. A nice new storage shed was built, and pool work was wrapped up last month with concrete repairs to the activity pool.

The Wilmette Golf Club’s HVAC drain line was replaced, and a new door was installed on the maintenance barn.

Rounding out the month, the building crew transitioned to a new door locking system at West Park and built a sturdy shelf to organize and house their recently acquired battery equipment.

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