Announcement for Tier 3, COVID-19

In compliance with state of Illinois Tier 3 Resurgence Mitigations effective on Friday, November 20, all gymnastics programming has been cancelled for the remainder of the Late Fall session.

Refunds and Cancelations:

Late Fall cancellation impacts, Parent and tot classes, age 3-grade 12 gymnastics, "create-a-class" lessons, all advanced classes, tumbling, and open gym. A prorated refund will be automatically processed back to your original form of payment for the remainder of Late Fall programming.

The year-round team training groups will be refunded for the remainder of November, and then billing will be put on hold until Tier 3 mitigations have been lifted by the state.

Tier 3 Gymnastics Offerings:

Within Tier 3 mitigation guidelines, Wilmette Gymnastics has the ability to offer Private Lesson times and Parent and Child Individual Training Time. Registration is available now for reservations starting Monday 11/23.

Parent and Child Individual Training Time

  • During this 60 minute gym time you and your child will have the opportunity to use all 4 gymnastics events. Parent and child will rotate every 15 minutes. There will be a maximum of 4 pairs in the gym. A Wilmette Park District coach will be present to supervise safe use of equipment, but will not be giving instruction.
  • Rate: Resident $30 / Non-resident $35 per session
  • Age: 2 & Up
  • Activity Code: 926002
  • Registration required
  • Cancellations must be requested 24 hours in advance
  • Click Here to register!

Private Lesson with a Wilmette Gymnastics Coach:

  • During this 60 minute lesson participants will have individual attention from one of our skilled gymnastics coaches and will rotate around to all 4 gymnastics events. Coach preference will be considered in scheduling. Please register 48 hours in advance of the lesson.
  • Rate: $75 per session
  • Age: 3 & Up (Adults included!)
  • Activity Code: 926003
  • Registration required
  • Cancellations must be requested 24 hours in advance
  • Click Here to register!

Face Coverings Update:

Effective Friday, November 20, face coverings are required for all activities at all times.

Wilmette Gymnastics Staff

Sarah Sekki, Gymnastics Supervisor
Tel: 847/256-9695 | Email:

The Wilmette Park District has a 10,000+ square foot, state-of-the-art gymnasium--one of the finest gymnastics facilities in Illinois. In addition to the standard Olympic events for men and women, the gymnastics program features an enlarged pit area and two in-ground trampolines that allow beginning through advanced students to train in the safest possible manner.

The gym also features a padded and carpeted area for preschool children ages 2 to 6 years full of equipment that is just their size! The gym has a glass-enclosed viewing area so parents and friends can easily see the children during class.

What's included in a gymnastics class?

  • Flexibility and stretching exercises
  • Event Training
  • Trampoline
  • Conditioning exercises

All children are encouraged to try each activity and will progress at their own individual pace.


For Children from Age 2 through Kindergarten

Moms/Dads/Tots Gymnastics

Moms and/or dads, with the help of instructors, assist children in the development of physical skills including flexibility, body awareness and strength. Tots must must be 2 years old before enrollment.

Age 2, 3 and 4-6, including Kindergarten

The Wilmette Park District's gymnastics staff emphasize self-confidence and taking pride in progress. Children are encouraged to develop new gymnastics skills while gaining strength, flexibility and coordination. Students should wear shorts, warm-ups or leotards to class. Child must be the indicated age by the first day of class.

Recreational Gymnastics

The Gymnastics staff teaches fundamental gymnastics for all Olympic events. Students progress at their own pace and are grouped according to grade and ability. Focus will be on perfecting basic skills and acquiring new skills.

Girls Grade 1-2, Grade 3-4 & Grade 5-8

Boys Grade 1-2 and Grade 3-8

Advanced Girls' Gymnastics

Permission required from gymnastics staff before registration

These skill-based classes are for focused, more advanced gymnasts who want to compete on a gymnastics team. Gymnastics staff will monitor the progress of all students and recommend advancement to these classes when necessary.

Team Gymnastics

The Wilmette Park District boasts one of the finest gymnastics team programs in the state, having produced many state and national-level gymnasts over the years. The Wilmette Gymnastics Team competes in USA Gymnastics competitions across Illinois. Please call 847/256-9695 for more information.

A Message to Parents About Age Requirements and Siblings:

For all programs, age requirements will be as of the date of the first class, unless otherwise specified. Please do not request to have your child put in a class he/she does not belong in. All age requirements are set to benefit the children and make instruction more consistent. In some instances, the requirements have been set for your child's safety. Also, due to insurance regulations, siblings may not be on the floor during class.

Birthday Parties

Due to COVID-19, the Wilmette Park District is not offering Birthday Parties at this time. Please check back in the future for updated information.


Girls' Team Coaches: Sara Gonzalez, Kathy Nitch and Ashley Sklavos

Gymnastics Instructors: Kathryn Dolan, Adriana Esterline, Tamas Ferincz, Malia George, Laura Krohm, Shayna Leinberger, Larene O'Connell, Karen Ott, Bernadette Panik, Elena Pauker, Lorene Power, Kelly Purdy and Amelia Montgomery

Gymnastics Registration Coordinator: Judy Tedeschi

Gymnastics Supervisor: Sarah Sekki