Administrative Staff

Day to day operations of the Park District are handled by a professional staff. Telephone numbers have been listed for your convenience. The Wilmette Park District is committed to providing a safe environment for our participants and staff.

We welcome suggestions and urge you to contact us at any time with recommendations.

Steve Wilson, Executive Director
Tel: 847-256-9617 | Email:

Emily Guynn, Superintendent of Recreation
Tel: 847-256-9603 | Email:

Kristi Solberg, Superintendent of Parks and Planning
847-256-9639 | Email:

Sheila Foy, Superintendent of Finance
847-256-9612 | Email:

Liz Cox, Human Resources and Risk Manager
Tel: 847-920-3904 | Email:

Libby Baker, CPRP, Executive Administrative Assistant
Tel: 847-256-9610 | Email:

Marlon Rodas, Marketing and Communications Manager
Tel: 847-256-9607 | Email:

Lindsay Thomas, CPRP, Manager of District Operations
Tel: 847-920-3925 | Email:

Facility Managers & Program Supervisors

Community Recreation Center

Recreation Programs

Carol Heafey, CPRP, Recreation Program General Manager
Tel: 847-256-9692 | Email:

Center for the Arts

Julie Nichols, CPRP, Recreation Supervisor
Tel: 847-920-3927 | Email:

Center Fitness Club

Liz Worthey, Fitness Manager
Tel: 847-256-9785 | Email:

Early Childhood Center of Wilmette

Julia Mantice, CPRP, Early Childhood Supervisor
Tel: 847-920-3910 | Email:

Ann Toma, Recreation Supervisor
Tel: 847-251-6599 | Email:

General Recreation

Kimberly Barton, Recreation Supervisor
847-256-9602 | Email:

Stephanie Tandaric, Recreation Coordinator
Tel: 847-853-6297 | Email:


Sarah Sekki, Gymnastics Supervisor
Tel: 847-256-9695 | Email:


Mallinckrodt Community Center

Mallinckrodt Center

Lisa Sullivan, Mallinckrodt Manager

Centennial Recreation Complex

Centennial Indoor Ice Rinks

Jason Stanislaw, Centennial Recreation Complex General Manager
Tel: 847-256-9682 | Email:

Joey Sanchez, Assistant Manager
Tel: 847-256-9671 | Email:

Natalie Liang, Figure Skating Supervisor
Tel: 847-256-9684 | Email:

Ros Druce & Jenn Myzia, Skating Program Coordinators
Tel: 847-256-9666

Mark Sak, Maintenance Supervisor
Tel: 847-256-9666

Family Aquatic Center

Jason Stanislaw, Centennial Recreation Complex General Manager
Tel: 847-256-9682 | Email:

Joey Sanchez, Aquatics Manager
Tel: 847-256-9671 | Email:

Wilmette Tennis Club

Jason Stanislaw, Centennial Recreation Complex General Manager
Tel: 847-256-9682 | Email:

Robby Ramdhanie, Assistant Manager
Tel: 847-256-9679 | Email:

Carrie Kolles, Assistant Manager
Tel: 847-853-6296 | Email:

Wilmette Platform Tennis Club

Jason Stanislaw, Racquet Sports Manager
Tel: 847-256-9682 | Email:
Eric Moran, Paddle Tennis Pro
Tel: 847-920-3678 | Email:

Wilmette Golf Club

Adam Kwiatkoski, General Manager
Tel: 847-256-9650 | Email:

Jamie Locke, Head PGA Golf Professional
Tel: 847-256-9649 | Email:

Nick Marfise, Golf Course Superintendent
Tel: 847-920-3666 | Email:

Keith Kirsch, Assistant Golf Superintendent
Tel: 847-256-9618 | Email:

Cole Hyland, Golf Programs Supervisor
Tel: 847-920-3659 | Email:

Wilmette Beaches & Sailing Operations