REGISTRATION SITE OFFLINE 2/14-2/15: For details, check our Bulletin Board post, below


REGISTRATION SITE OFFLINE 2/14-2/15: For details, check our Bulletin Board post, below



Project Parks and Play

Project Parks and Play

Help us plan the future of parks and recreation in Wilmette!

We invite residents to join in our Comprehensive and Strategic Planning process, Project Parks and Play: Explore the Possibilities, to help plan the future of our parks, facilities, recreational activities and operations to best meet future needs of the Wilmette community.

Click Here to visit the Project Parks and Play website for an overview of the Project along with frequently asked questions, important dates and ongoing updates to keep you in-the-know!*

Email us at to share feedback, ask questions and be a part of the conversation.

Press Releases and Updates

Get Engaged with Project Parks and Play - Again!


Get Engaged with Project Parks and Play – Again!

Last year, the Wilmette Park District requested your opinions and feedback as part of Project Parks and Play. Since then, the Park District leadership and Board of Commissioners have been diligently working – understanding the community’s needs and analyzing the Park District’s facilities, services and green spaces – to determine how they can meet those needs and develop a vision for the future.

And now it’s time for the District to share the results so far and ask for your opinions and feedback one more time.

Visit the Project Parks and Play website to answer survey questions and dive deeper into wellness and fitness, open space, recreational facilities and more!

Then, join us for a Town Hall meeting to find out what we’ve heard so far and next steps:

  • Thursday, March 14 from 6-8 pm
  • Community Recreation Center, Room 106
    3000 Glenview Road

We’ll share survey results with you and talk more about the use of parks, nature areas and green spaces; requests for additional trails and natural areas; facility use; opportunities for programs; and additional topics.

For more information, visit the Project Parks and Play website.

Survey Results to be Presented to Board at Next Meeting; Residents Invited to Hear Results and Ask Questions

May 3, 2023

Project Parks and Play Survey Results to be Presented to Board at Next Meeting; Residents Invited to Hear Results and Ask Questions

For months the Park District has asked residents to provide feedback during open houses, discussion groups and the resident survey as part of the Comprehensive and Strategic planning process – Project Parks and Play: Explore the Possibilities. And the results are finally in!

More than 1,200 residents (a better-than-industry-standard 12% response rate) took the survey with 88 percent of respondents indicating they have a favorable opinion of the Wilmette Park District. The Park District’s ratio of favorable to unfavorable scores is 11:1!

Representatives from BerryDunn and aQity – consultants leading the process – will present the methodology, trends and additional results at the next Wilmette Park District Board Meeting on Monday, May 8 at 7:30 p.m. Residents are invited to hear the presentation and ask questions about the process and steps moving forward.

  • Monday, May 8
  • 7:30 pm
  • Council Chambers at Wilmette Village Hall
  • 1200 Wilmette Avenue

Want a sneak peek at another insight? There continues to be strong demand for trails and natural areas for public use.

Join us on Monday, May 8 for more insights!

Wilmette Park District seeks community feedback during open house

December 1, 2022  Wilmette, IL – The Wilmette Park District will host its second open house for Project Parks and Play on December 10. This is the final in-person opportunity for Phase 1 engagement of The Project. Consultants leading the planning process, along with Park District leadership, will be on hand to hear directly from community members their ideas and vision for the future of Park District programs, facilities and nature spaces.

When: Saturday, December 10
Time: 10 a.m. – Noon
Where: Wilmette Park District Community Recreation Center, 3000 Glenview Road

Residents unable to attend the open house can still share their ideas and feedback through December 15 in the following ways:

“Saturdays at the Community Recreation Center are busy with families and community members attending programs or visiting the Center Fitness Club,” said Steve Wilson, Executive Director of the Wilmette Park District. “We know everyone is busy, so we located this open house at the CRC specifically so our residents can share their thoughts and experiences without needing to take extra time out of their day. We will even have a supervised kids’ room available, where children can engage in an activity while their parents attend the Open House. I look forward to a large turnout and robust conversation.”

The planning process is being led by BerryDunn, a consulting firm that works with clients nationally and globally. In addition to parks and recreation consulting, BerryDunn works with clients from town, local and state governments to healthcare, not-for-profit, higher education, commercial, financial services, high tech and more.

To learn more about the planning process and public meeting dates, please visit:
Wilmette community engages in visioning exercises to plan the future of Wilmette Park District

November 17, 2022 – The Wilmette Park District held its first of two open houses in the Phase 1 Engagement Process for community members to share their vision for parks, facilities and recreation programs as part of their Comprehensive and Strategic Planning initiative, Project Parks and Play: Explore the Possibilities.

Residents spoke with Park District staff and consultants leading the planning process and took part in activities to provide meaningful feedback and idea generation for the future of Wilmette Park District.

When thanked for attending, one community member said, “I’m so glad this is happening. It is so important to our future and the timing is perfect.” The resident went on to share feedback on programming and ideas for additional green space. “It is necessary for us to be a part of this work for now and for our future generations.”

“I’m so grateful to our community members who came out last night,” said Steve Wilson, Executive Director of the Wilmette Park District. “We want to ensure Wilmette’s parks and recreational activities continue to be the safe and welcoming common spaces for our residents to play, gather and recreate together. Resident involvement will help us create that.”

Residents can provide ideas and feedback through December 15 in the following ways:

Park District staff and BerryDunn consultants will also be visiting local Wilmette businesses and gathering sites during the next few weeks to solicit feedback.

Wilmette Park District launches community survey to launch future

January 26, 2023 – All Wilmette residents are invited to complete a survey as part of the Wilmette Park District’s Comprehensive and Strategic Planning initiative. The survey – expected to arrive in mailboxes the week of January 30, 2023 – can be completed on paper, online or via phone, and will be available for approximately one month.

“The survey is an in-depth and statistically valid effort to gather community feedback as part of the Project Parks and Play initiative,” said Wilmette Park District Executive Director Steve Wilson. “We are committed to serving the needs of our community and want to hear viewpoints from all our residents – regardless of age, gender, ability and whether or not they use Park District parks, facilities or programs. This is an important opportunity for community members to share their thoughts and help shape how the District serves the community over the next decade.”

During November and December, residents provided feedback on all aspects of the Park District and shared ideas for future improvements through open houses, focus groups and the project’s website. Through two open houses, three community pop-up sessions, six focus groups, four feedback stations and the website feedback, we’ve had significant community response. On the Project Parks and Play website alone, there were more than 2,280 unique visitors and 413 comments provided. More than 200 of those ideas were for future Park District offerings.

Project Parks and Play is expected to be a 12-18-month process, and includes community surveys, resident focus groups, meetings with the public and community organizations, and professional assessments of parks, facilities and programs for all residents.

For more information, visit the Project Parks and Play website at

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