Lakeview Center History

The Lakeview Center, located in Gillson Park, was built in 1989. The Lakeview Center's primary use has served many functions over the past 32 years including, but not limited to, lakefront staff offices and customer service location, a support facility and concession stand for Wallace Bowl performances and concerts, a rental venue, a summer camp site, a recreation programming site, and a washroom support for Gillson Park.

Lakeview Center Renovation Project Inception

Since 1989 the Lakeview Center has had two additions; the exterior deck and interior fireplace. In addition, various interior updates have been undertaken in a more reactive manner, instead of with thoughtful, proactive consideration to facility function, long-term goals, or consistent, appropriate interior design.

The Lakeview Center Renovation Project was originally slated as a part of the 2020 Fiscal Year Capital Improvement Plan. The Wilmette Park District contacted Woodhouse Tinucci Architects to create the attached Lakeview Center Design Concept and subsequent phased approach to completion.

Planning Goal and Outcomes

The overall goal of the Lakeview Center Renovation Project is to improve the function, appearance and value of the building. Updates will better reflect the current and future offerings available to the community.

The Wilmette Park District worked with Woodhouse Tinucci Architects to create the attached Lakeview Center Design Concept and subsequent phased approach to completion. The attached presentation illustrates the current conditions as well as the conceptual updates to the facility. Andy Tinucci will be in attendance for the next Committee meeting to walk the committee and public through the presentation.

In addition to aesthetic updates to the facility, the conceptual design also enhances the usable space within the facility, without changing the building footprint. Currently, the Lakeview Center has approximately 2,300sqft. of usable interior space and 844sqft. of usable exterior space. The proposed updates will increase usable interior spaces to 2,840sqft. and usable exterior spaces to 1,278sqft. This is about a 21% and 40% increase, respectively. Please note, we are not increasing the building footprint of the Lakeview Center.

While the work could be accomplished all at one time, staff recognize that the resources of the District are limited and needs to be carefully managed to meet the demands of the overall District. To this end, an option of how to phase the work has been created as well to provide financial flexibility if the Board so desires.


*Please note that occupancy does not take into consideration furniture configuration as per individual requests.

Room Current Maximum Seated Proposed Maximum Seated Current Maximum Standing Proposed Maximum Standing Current Maximum Lecture Proposed Maximum Lecture
Gillson Room 26 56 32 140 32 108
Lakeview Room 80 96 100 120 100 100
Gillson / Lakeview Combined 106 152 132 200 132 200

Documents & Downloads

Lakeview Center Renovation Presentation, June 7, 2021

Proposed Floorplans, June 7, 2021

Proposed Concept Images, June 7, 2021


  • July 6 - Lakefront Committee discussion on next steps / upper and lower level washrooms
  • July 12 - Regular Park Board meeting, Lakeview Center renovation project update
  • August 9 - Regular Park Board meeting, Lakeview Center renovation presentation
  • August 12 - Lakeview Center renovation forum at Community Recreation Center
  • August 16 - Lakeview Center renovation forum at Lakeview Center
  • September 13 - Regular Park Board meeting
  • October 4 - Lakefront Committee meeting
  • October 18 - Regular Park Board meeting
  • January 10 - Lakefront Committee meeting - project update
  • February 7 - Lakefront Committee meeting - project update
  • May 9 - Lakefront Committee meeting - project and budget presentation
  • July 11 - Regular Park Board meeting - project bid approval
  • September 6 - Lakeview Center closed for renovation
  • October 10 - Lakeview Center renovation project begins
  • May 2023 - Lakeview Center anticipated re-opening