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Outdoor Ice Rinks

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Outdoor Ice Locations

The Wilmette Park District maintains three outdoor ice rinks: Gillson Park, Mallinckrodt Park and Thornwood Park. The availability of outdoor ice is dependent on weather conditions. Outdoor ice rinks are maintained by Park District crews.

  • Gillson Park (in the area west of the tennis courts)
  • Mallinckrodt Park (north side of senior housing on Elmwood, parking available in the north lot.)
  • Thornwood Park (off Thornwood Avenue, parking is available along Dartmouth Avenue)

Use of Outdoor Ice Rinks

Mallinckrodt Park and Gillson Park can be used for recreational skating only (NO HOCKEY). When usable, Mallinckrodt and Gillson Park outdoor ice rinks are lighted and open for the below times:

Monday-Thursday, sunset-8 p.m. and Friday-Sunday, sunset-9:30 p.m.

Monday-Sunday, 4-10 p.m.

Thornwood Park is available for pond hockey as well as recreational skating at the below times:

Sunday-Thursday, 8 am-7:30 pm

Friday & Saturday, 8 am-9 pm

When Do We Make Ice?

What conditions are needed in order to make ice?
  • The ground must be frozen at least six inches deep, otherwise the water being put down will thaw the ground and soak in.
  • At least one week of low teens or lower temperatures is needed before the ground is firm enough to convert to a sheet of ice.
  • Freezing temperatures are needed at night, preferably below 20 degrees to make ice.
  • Once started, it usually takes up to a week to make ice and even longer if there is no snow when the work begins.
  • The outdoor ice rinks are maintained until temperatures rise high enough for them to thaw. Work on the outdoor ice stops after February 1 once temperatures are forecast to stay at a level that ice cannot be maintained.
Indoor ice skating is available year-round at Centennial Ice Rinks, 2300 Old Glenview Rd., Wilmette. Click here for more
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