REGISTRATION SITE OFFLINE 2/14-2/15: For details, check our Bulletin Board post, below


REGISTRATION SITE OFFLINE 2/14-2/15: For details, check our Bulletin Board post, below



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Reserving an Outdoor Tennis Court

Wilmette Residents can make a reservations for outdoor courts using the YourCourts system.

Click on the “Need Access” button and set up a profile using your name and email address, and make sure to specify your club/court is the Wilmette Tennis Club. Once your residency is approved on our end, your profile will be created and you can reserve outdoor courts Monday through Sunday between 8:30 am and 6:30 pm.

Non-residents can play first-come-first-serve when a court is not previously booked by a resident. Players are strongly encouraged to check for reservations before heading out to a site.

Outdoor Tennis Court Locations

Maple Park

Also lined for pickleball

Number of Courts: 1
Time Allotment: 1 hr

Vattmann Park

Number of Courts: 3
Time Allotments: 1 Court 1 hr; 2 Courts 1-1/2 hrs

Hibbard Park

Also lined for pickleball

Number of Courts: 2
Time Allotment: 1 hr

Thornwood Park

Number of Courts: 4
Time Allotments: 2 Courts 1 hr; 2 Courts 1-1/2 Hrs

Community Playfields

Tennis & pickleball

Number of Courts: 4 tennis, 6 pickleball
Time Allotments: 3 Courts 1 hr;
3 Courts 1-1/2 Hrs

Gillson Park (lighted courts)

Number of Courts: 4
Time Allotment: 1 hr

Court Regulations

Private and Group Lessons are taught by Wilmette Park District staff ONLY.


  1. All players may “rack-up” when no reservation sheet is posted or if open court time appears on the reservation sheet.
  2. No one may rack-up more than two hours in advance.
  3. Please arrive for your reservation promptly; court reservations will be held for five minutes. After five minutes, courts may be claimed by waiting players.
  4. Reserved court time is restricted to the time allotment on each court, 1 hour or 1-1/2 hours, depending on court location. However, players may rack-up for an additional, non-consecutive hour of play.
  5. Play begins on the hour or as indicated for the 1-1/2 hour courts. Please respect other players and vacate your court promptly.
  6. To accommodate working adults, outdoor courts are reserved for adult play (18 and over) after 5 p.m. weekdays and all day weekends. However, juniors may play if adults are not waiting. Juniors employed full-time weekdays should contact the Club at 847/256-9676 to arrange for evening and weekend court time.
  7. Only regulation tennis shoes are permitted in the court area.
  8. Shirts must be worn at all times during play.
  9. Littering the courts is subject to a fine.
  10. Players serving or playing alone must give way to two or more players.
  11. Non-tennis activities are prohibited on the tennis courts.
  12. Only players are allowed on the tennis courts.
  13. Vulgarity and/or rude behavior is prohibited.
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