Project Parks and Play

Help us plan the future of parks and recreation in Wilmette!

We're inviting residents to join in a Comprehensive and Strategic Planning process, Project Parks and Play: Explore the Possibilities, to help plan the future of our parks, facilities, recreational activities and operations to best meet future needs of the Wilmette community.


Wilmette community engages in visioning exercises to plan the future of Wilmette Park District

The Wilmette Park District held its first of two open houses in the Phase 1 Engagement Process for community members to share their vision for parks, facilities and recreation programs as part of their Comprehensive and Strategic Planning initiative, Project Parks and Play: Explore the Possibilities.

Residents spoke with Park District staff and consultants leading the planning process and took part in activities to provide meaningful feedback and idea generation for the future of Wilmette Park District.

When thanked for attending, one community member said, "I'm so glad this is happening. It is so important to our future and the timing is perfect." The resident went on to share feedback on programming and ideas for additional green space. "It is necessary for us to be a part of this work for now and for our future generations."

"I'm so grateful to our community members who came out last night," said Steve Wilson, Executive Director of the Wilmette Park District. "We want to ensure Wilmette's parks and recreational activities continue to be the safe and welcoming common spaces for our residents to play, gather and recreate together. Resident involvement will help us create that."

Residents can provide ideas and feedback through December 15 in the following ways:

Park District staff and BerryDunn consultants will also be visiting local Wilmette businesses and gathering sites during the next few weeks to solicit feedback.

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