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2023 Spring Ice Show

"Life's a Beach"

*Registration & form deadline: January 23

We're looking forward to another exciting and inspiring Spring Ice Show with our talented skaters! Please note, Spring Ice Show registration may be processed and paid online or in person, but ALL forms must be turned in with costume measurements to front office at ice rink by January 23, 2023. Contact Florence Krieger for more info: fkrieger@wilpark.org

Centennial Ice Rinks Staff

Florence Krieger, Figure Skating Supervisor
847/256-9684 | Email: fkrieger@wilpark.org

Sayre Froelich, Ice Rentals/Aquatics Supervisor
847/256-9671 | Email: sfroelich@wilpark.org

Jason Stanislaw, Centennial Recreation Complex General Manager
Tel: 847/256-9682 | Email: jstanislaw@wilpark.org

Skating School Staff: Jill Aybar; Cathleen Bentley; Ryan Black; Abbey Clark; Ros Druce Evanson; Emma Greco; Devinai Hobbs; Michelle Lu; Megan Lu; William Martin; Liz McShane Beberdick; Jeremy Lieb; Tracie Miller; Katy O'Malley; Mayumi Susie-Pan; Jennifer Paske; Lisa Paul; Molly Poniatowski; Angelina Pronos; Sharon Seiden; Melissa Smoler; Genevieve Vartian; Ellen Witwer; Ellie Witzel; Tyra Yam; Jill Zimbler