The Wilmette Park District is an autonomous governmental agency, responsible directly to the people through the election and referendum process. The District receives its operating authority from the Illinois Park District Code, (Illinois Revised Statutes, Chapter 105, Sections 1 - 13). Through the Code, the Park District is empowered to levy taxes within specified limits, acquire and develop parks, build and operate recreation facilities, and conduct recreation programs.

The Wilmette Park District is a special district of local government with its own financial and legal responsibilities, established in 1908 for the purpose of providing park and recreational opportunities to residents of the community and public at large. It is governed by seven elected Park Commissioners of Wilmette, who serve a four-year term without remuneration. Regular Board meetings are generally held on the second Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m. Please check with the main office for particulars 847-256-6100.


I. Gordon Anderson, President
Julia W. Goebel, Vice-President
Bryan C. Abbott
Cecilia M. Clarke
Michael H. Murdock
Todd M. Shissler
Amy L. Wolfe


Administration and Facilities Offices

1. General Administration Office
Wilmette Village Hall - 2nd Floor
1200 Wilmette Avenue (847-256-6100)

2. Centennial Recreation Complex
2300 Old Glenview Road (Ice: 847-256-9666; Tennis: 847-256-9676)

3. Community Recreation Center
3000 Glenview Road (847-256-9686)

4. Gillson Park - Lakeview Center
800 Gillson Park Drive (847-256-9656)

5. The Mallinckrodt Center
1041A Ridge Road (847-256-9623)

6. Wilmette Golf Club
3900 Fairway Drive (Golf: 847-256-9646)


The Park District employs 70 full-time employees, and an estimated 425 part-time staff and 700 seasonal staff. Full-time employees are those working 40 hours per week year-round in a position designated as Full-Time by the Board of Park Commissioners. Click here to download a PDF of the Park District's organization chart.


The Park Board is made up of seven (7) elected commissioners who serve four (4) year terms. It is the responsibility of the Park Board to acquire, develop, maintain and protect park and recreation areas in Wilmette. This is accomplished by the development of policies and ordinances which govern the operation of the Park District and by the adoption of an operating budget. The Park Board meets on the second Monday of every month at the Village Administration Building, 1200 Wilmette Avenue, Wilmette. The Park Board employs an Executive Director to carry out the policies of the Board.

Park Board Committees

Golf Operations Committee

Membership: Three Commissioners
Staff: Executive Director

The Golf Operations Committee oversees the operations of the Wilmette Golf Club and golf course, driving range, and food service. The committee has the responsibility of reviewing all aspects of the operations of these facilities, including management, programming, maintenance, and budget.

Financial Planning and Policy Committee

Membership: Three Commissioners
Staff: Superintendent of Finance

The Financial Planning and Policy Committee has the responsibility of monitoring the Park District's current financial position, the investment strategy for surplus funds of the District, analyzing the long term financial position of the entire District, and making appropriate recommendations concerning it. The President may request the committee to meet to analyze any special projects that come forward requiring in-depth financial review. The committee will also review the annual audit and meet with the auditors to discuss it. The committee also has the budgetary responsibility of reviewing the Internal Service and Motor Pool Funds. The committee will review the required budgets for all special funds and the overall tax levy for the Park District.

In addition, the committee reviews recommendations for new financial policies and procedures and makes recommendations to the Board.

Lakefront Committee

Membership: Three Commissioners
Staff: Superintendent of Recreation, Superintendent of Parks & Planning

The Lakefront Committee is responsible for overseeing all lakefront operations, including Gillson and Langdon Parks and Beaches, the Gillson Park Sailing Beach and the Gillson Park Dog Beach. The committee also oversees programming at the lakefront.

Parks and Recreation Committee

Membership: Three Commissioners
Staff: Superintendent of Parks & Planning, Superintendent of Recreation

The Parks and Recreation Committee is responsible for overseeing the Parks Department activities, including all maintenance of the park system outside of the special facilities. The committee reviews staff recommendations for development of tot lots, flower beds, maintenance of turf and trees, athletic fields, and any individual development proposed within a park site.

This committee oversees the operations of the Community Recreation Center and all facilities at the Centennial Recreation Complex including Centennial Ice Rinks, Wilmette Tennis Club, Centennial Family Aquatic Center, pro shops and concessions, and all facets of recreational programming except activities at the lakefront and Wilmette Golf Club. This committee also oversees the operations of the paddle tennis facility. The committee reviews all aspects of the operations, including management, programming, maintenance, and budget.

The Parks and Recreation Committee is also responsible for monitoring the Wilmette Park District's participation in the Northern Suburban Special Recreation Association (NSSRA).

Committee of the Whole

Membership: All Commissioners
Staff: Executive Director

The Committee of the Whole oversees the overall administration operation of the Park District, including the approval of the total budget. It also reviews current Board operational policies and ordinances governing the operation of the Park District, and, in general, monitors the District's overall community relations.

Real Estate Committee

Membership: Three Commissioners
Staff: Executive Director

The Real Estate Committee oversees all real estate purchases or sales involving Park District property. The committee also oversees all property leased to or by the Park District.

Intergovernmental Cooperation Committee

Membership: Two Commissioners
Staff: Executive Director

The IGCC Committee meets on an as-needed basis to develop topics for discussion with other elected governmental bodies within the Village of Wilmette. It also reviews and develops responses to requests initiated by other governmental units. The primary purpose of the committee is to develop better intergovernmental understanding and cooperation regarding overall community problems affecting the Park District and other units of government.

Board of Park Commissioners

Meets at 7:30 p.m., 2nd Monday of each month in the Village Hall Council Room.

President: I. Gordon Anderson Staff: Steve Wilson
Vice President: Julia W. Goebel
Member: Bryan C. Abbott
Member: Cecilia M. Clarke
Member: Michael H. Murdock
Member: Todd M. Shissler
Member: Amy L. Wolfe

Lakefront Committee

Chair: Bryan Abbott Staff: Emily Guynn, Kristi Solberg
Member: Todd Shissler
Member: Cecilia Clarke

Golf Operations Committee

Chair: Amy Wolfe Staff: Steve Wilson
Member: Mike Murdock
Member: Julia Goebel

Parks & Recreation Committee

Chair: Mike Murdock Staff: Emily Guynn, Kristi Solberg
Member: Cecilia Clarke
Member: Amy Wolfe

Financial Planning & Policy Committee

Chair: Julia Goebel
Member: Bryan Abbott
Member: Todd Shissler

Intergovernmental Cooperation Committee

Meetings are scheduled as needed.

Member: Julia Goebel Staff: Steve Wilson
Member: Todd Shissler

Real Estate Committee

Meetings are scheduled as needed

Chair: Cecilia Clarke Staff: Steve Wilson
Member: Bryan Abbott
Member: Julia Goebel

Executive Director

The Executive Director is the chief executive officer in charge of the Park District and its personnel. The Director is responsible for the administration of a comprehensive recreation program for the entire community, and for the administrative management of public parks, playgrounds, and other recreation facilities. The Director serves as technical advisor and consultant to the Park District Board of Commissioners and administers the policies established by that authority.

The Director has executive responsibility for the recreation, parks and business functions through the efficient administration of each. The Director serves as Secretary to the Board of Commissioners and supervises the District's department heads and the Communications Manager.

Superintendent of Recreation

The Superintendent of Recreation, under the supervision of the Director, formulates and administers the District's revenue facilities - Ice, Tennis, Paddle Tennis and Pool, and a broad public recreation program. The Superintendent of Recreation develops and coordinates recreation programming and maintenance of all recreational and revenue facilities, as well as directing the preparation of reports, policy, personnel recommendations and budget controls with the recreation department. The Superintendent of Recreation directly supervises the Lakefront Manager, Recreation Program Manger, Recreation Facilities Manager, General Manager of Ice and Aquatics, and Racquet Sports Manager..

Superintendent of Parks and Planning

The Superintendent of Parks and Planning, under the supervision of the Director, is responsible for the implementation of a comprehensive maintenance and park development program, and the design, construction and maintenance of recreation and park areas and facilities. The Superintendent of Parks and Planning directs the work of employees engaged in the construction, landscaping, and maintenance of recreation and park areas and facilities, and in the maintenance and repair of equipment. The Superintendent of Parks and Planning oversees construction projects in facilities and the park system.

Superintendent of Finance

The Superintendent of Finance, under the supervision of the Director, coordinates all accounting and financial functions. The Superintendent of Finance directly supervises the office and accounting staff which handles program registration, payroll, cash disbursements, budgeting and financial analysis. The Superintendent of Finance also oversees all personnel matters as well as the development and use of the District's computer systems.

Park Locations and Acreage

Park Name, Location and Number of Acres

Avoca Park, Iroquois west of Romona Road, 8.0
Bateman Park, Sheridan Road and Michigan Avenue, .5
Centennial Park, 2300 Old Glenview Road, 16.5
Community Playfield, 702 Locust Road, 39.0
Earlywine Park, 14th St. & Wilmette Ave., .7
Forest Park, Forest & 18th Street, .5
Gillson Park, Washington & Michigan Avenues, 59.2
Green Bay Bike Trail, Shorewood Park to
Wilmette/Kenilworth border, 1.3
Hibbard Park, Glenview Road & Skokie Blvd., 8.3
Howard Park, Ridge Road south of Lake Ave., 8.7
Keay Nature Learning Center, Hibbard Road & Skokie Blvd., 4.6
Lockerbie Park, Lockerbie Lane at Frontage Road, 0.3
Langdon Park, Chestnut & Sheridan Road, 3.4
Mallinckrodt Park, Ridge Road and Elmwood Avenue, 13.9
Maple Park, 4th & Maple Avenue, 2.1
Shorewood Park, Elmwood & Green Bay Road, 1.7
Thornwood Park, Dartmouth & Thornwood, 8.2
Vattmann Park, 15th Street & Lake Avenue, 4.1
West Park, south of Lake, west of Laramie, 7.0
Wheeler Park, Oakwood and Catalpa, .3
Wilmette Golf Club, 106.0