Personal Training Offerings

Wilmette Park District offers in-person and virtual Center Fitness Club Personal Training for members and non-members in compliance with state and local health restrictions.

  • Virtual Option - Members and non-members now have the ability to partake in a Virtual personal training session with one of our certified trainers via Zoom.
  • In Person Option - One-on-one personal training for both members and non-members will continue at the Center Fitness Club.
  • NEW Personal Training Special, Get Fit at Home! - Stay active and healthy from home! With this 5 week Training Program our certified Personal Trainer comes to your home, virtually! Whether your goal is to stay moving, build muscle, or get in shape for an upcoming event, this 5 week guided program will help you reach your goals.
    • What's included: 2 - 60 minute Virtual Training Sessions per week for 5 weeks
    • Price: $732
  • Personal training will continue to be available by appointment only. For inquiries or to make a personal training appointment please contact Liz Worthey, or 847-256-9785.


Individual Training Rate options:

  • One 60-minute session: $77
  • Three 60-minute sessions: $227
  • Five 60-minute sessions: $371
  • Ten 60-minute sessions: $732
  • Twenty 60-minute sessions: $1,422

Partner Training Rate options:

  • One 60-minute Partner Training Session: $45.50 (per person)
  • Three 60-minute Partner Training Sessions: $133.50 (per person)
  • Five 60-minute Partner Training Sessions: $217.50 (per person)
  • Ten 60-minute Partner Training Sessions: $425 (per person)

*All Fitness Services for Personal Training expire six months from date of purchase.

Policies & Procedures

One-on-One Personal Training Specific Procedures:

Center Fitness Club Manager Liz Worthey will coordinate and book all sessions
Click Here to email Liz Worthey and book a session.

Center Fitness Club Personal Training Guidelines:

  • Contact exercises such as boxing, sparring, wrestling, etc. are not permitted.
    • Drills related to such activities such as use of punching bags are allowed but equipment should be sanitized before and after each use
  • Members should clean and sanitize equipment (e.g., weights, treadmills, any hand-held equipment) before and after use
  • Equipment should not be shared between members at the same time
  • Participants should bring their own water bottle (water refill stations will be available inside the CFC, drinking fountains will not be available)
  • Locker Rooms and Washroom are open and available
  • No towel service
  • Participants should arrive dressed in workout attire
  • Participants should avoid unnecessary touching facility accessories
  • Participants should use their own equipment (e.g., water bottle, gloves, towel) as much as practical
  • Participants and employees should not shake hands, high five, or touch one another other than what occurs inadvertently during interactions


Our certified personal trainers are dedicated to bringing out the fit in everyone. The motivation and support of a personal trainer is key to achieving your fitness goals fast. Your trainer designs a fitness plan with your individual goals and interests in mind. As your fitness level changes, your trainer will make sure your plan evolves right along with you.

  • Doris Holland, NASM
  • Marta Mandziuk, NESTA
  • Thomas Schneider, MA Sports Administration
  • Julie Lappas, ACE
  • Kensington Naze, ACE