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July 11 Regular Park Board Meeting

At the July 11 meeting, Executive Director Steve Wilson reported that Park District staff were taking more time to develop the new community survey discussed on June 13, to conduct historical research regarding the design of the park. The survey will be made available in coming weeks.

June 13 Regular Park Board Meeting

At the June 13 meeting, Executive Director Wilson initiated a discussion regarding the Gillson Park Comprehensive Plan, which the Board last discussed at the December, 2021 regular monthly Board meeting. In December, the Board agreed to develop a community survey to collect feedback on three separate road configuration ideas within Gillson Park, along with potential "add-on" projects outlined in prior presentations by the Lakota Group (the Gillson Comprehensive Plan's consulting team).
The road configuration ideas in the survey will be:

  • Convert Middle Road into a non-vehicular path; or
  • Remove Middle Road entirely and add green space; or
  • Remove both Upper Road and Middle Road to create more green space; or;
  • None of the above.

To view the Lakota Group's presentation regarding roadway configuration ideas, and a video recording of the December 13, 2021 meeting where the ideas were discussed, click here.

Since six months has passed since the survey items had been discussed, Wilson asked for guidance or modifications from the Board. The Board agreed to prioritize infrastructure within Gillson. Board members felt very strongly that roadway, sewer system and drainage repairs/updates are critical for the park, are eager to move forward with repairs as soon as possible, and chose to seek input from the community on topics solely related to infrastructure.

December 13, 2001 Regular Park Board Meeting

Designers presented an update at the December 13 Regular Park Board Meeting that focused on circulation patterns at Gillson Park, specifically relating to Middle Drive and Upper Drive. View a video of this meeting here.

Click Here to download and view the presentation.

November 8, 2001 Regular Park Board Meeting

At the November 8 Regular Park Board Meeting, consultants for the Gillson Comprehensive Plan presented a report on the Fall Community Engagement meetings, and shared the feedback they received regarding the four proposed park concepts. The consultants also presented a fifth concept, created based on community input gathered at the fall meetings.

CLICK HERE to view the meeting video.
CLICK HERE to download and view the presentation.

For a comprehensive listing of ALL meetings and presentations to date, visit our Meetings and Presentations page.